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Low Voltage Services

Kiyan Electric offers premium quality outdoor luminaires suitable for both architectural & residential markets. We have continuously developed a series of products that represent the best products in their class.

Lighting is fundamental to how we perceive the world around us. It enables us to see, it impacts our productivity and it can even alter our mood. Effective lighting in an outdoor area can transform a dark & disused night time garden into a functional after-dark space of subtle beauty and functionality. The art of effective illumination is a combination of skill and experience, yet it is also critical to select the best product for the application.

Available as brass lights, copper lights, stainless steel lights and hard anodized aluminium, these lights are weatherproof in any climate and combine durability with timeless beauty. You can create a combination of spot lights for small or specific areas, and flood lights for larger or general areas. Consider the entranceway, pathways and driveways, steps and stairways, seating areas and decks, garden beds and feature trees, pool areas and garden ponds. Try experimenting with torches at night time to choose whether a spot light or flood light suits a particular area best and make notes on a plan of your garden. The Low Voltage Lighting 12V and 12V-24V MultiVolt systems are DIY, safe and easy to install. The 240V fittings must be installed by an electrician.

Applications include garden lighting, courtyard lighting, landscape lighting, pond lighting, low voltage lighting, pool lighting, fountain lighting, water feature lighting, LED garden lights, LED garden spot lights, wall lighting, in-ground lighting, weatherproof lighting, step lighting, pathway lighting, driveway lighting, deck lighting, swimming pool lighting, up-lighting, down-lighting and wall mounted lighting installations.

Our safe drop-in bulbs using MultiVoltage 12V - 24V AC/DC LED, 12V LED (or even old 12V technology halogen drop-in bulb) and 12V - 24V AC/DC in-built LED. Please Note: LED bulb technology uses far less energy or wattage than halogen bulbs.

Garden Lights are easy to install with a licensed electrician for installation on the low voltage side of the transformer.