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Lighting Retrofits

We provide innovative LED, fluorescent and induction lighting solutions that are a smart choice for our customers. Our retrofit lighting products enable clients to cut their energy costs 60% to 80% without compromising on the functionality, aesthetics, safety and affordability of their lighting solutions. Whether retail, commercial, institutional, residential or large industrial applications, we guarantee customer satisfaction on every job.

Nowadays Lighting systems (residential -commercial and industrial ) comprises around 15% of your overall energy bills. These numbers may not seem like a lot, but consider this: you can cut that expense at least half with little cost and almost no effort on your part. By changing the  incandescent light bulbs with  LED you can significantly lower your place energy costs.

If you want to save more money and energy , Install dimmers on your switches to make those new light bulbs last even longer and extend your savings. If you sometimes forget to turn off the lights, add motion sensors or timers to your indoor and outdoor lighting to make sure you're only using energy and spending your money when and where you need it. Making a few simple, cost-effective changes to the lighting you already have can help you on your way to illuminating your life with savings.

Ready to make the switch? Kiyan Electric inc  is here to help you out.

 Kiyan Electric is an energy efficiency company specializing in Induction and LED lighting solutions for area lighting and high definition lighting applications.Affordable energy efficient lighting.The low pricing on our Induction light fixtures provides outstanding Return On Investment figures. Combining energy savings of around 60-80% compare to older technologies with the extremely long lamp life providing the added benefit of substantially lower long term maintenance costs. When combined these two factors make induction lighting the lowest lifetime cost of any lighting source.

Instant switching ability provides further opportunities for energy savings when combined with movement sensors, light sensors, machine operating systems and timer controls.

No flicker and a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) above 80Ra provide a very high quality light source ideal for high definition applications such as packing lines, machine shops, motor vehicle repairers, indoor sports, retail outlets, food processing, ect. The constant flicker free high CRI light source is also very friendly to CCTV systems.

Low operating temperature of Induction Lighting creates great energy savings in Air Conditioning and refrigeration running costs.
Induction lighting is essentially a strong fluorescent light with magnetic coils instead of electrodes which wear and eventually fail. It is 60-80,000 hours vs 8-20,000 hours operation. A little more cost upfront when compared to other HID and florescent fittings but a big saving on power and maintenance costs going forward.

Whether the changes be small scale ongoing maintenance change outs or large scale bulk change outs and new buildings, Kiyan Electric is your dependable supplier of Induction or LED light fittings and accessories for all factory, warehouse and infrastructure lighting applications. Unlike LED fittings all Kiyan Electric Induction fittings are fully repairable with spare parts freely available at competitive prices.

Glare is a real problem for warehousing and factory operations personnel. Try a LED glare test by firstly looking directly at a LED fixture for 2 seconds. Then confirm with yourself that the temporary vision impairment you are currently experiencing will not be a problem for your employees. All forms of florescent light are low glare.


Colour temperature

Colour Temperature is measured in Kelvin (K). LED's can produce white light in a number of “shades” or “color temperatures”– from warm-white (similar to regular incandescent and halogen bulbs, 2700 to 3,500 Kelvin) to neutral or cool-white (3500-4000 Kelvin) or cool daylight (4000 to 6,500 Kelvin). The lower the number, the warmer the light appears.

Just like the amount or brightness of light, different rooms can suit different color temperatures. Warm white light is considered good for relaxing, whereas cool white can be better for concentrating. If you’re replacing a light in a series of down lights or tract lighting, it’s good to know what color the rest of the lights are, so the color of the new light bulb visually matches with the color of the rest.


Some LED bulbs and fittings are color adjustable. This allows the color – or color temperature – to be changed to suit your needs.

Light output (Lumen s)

The best way to identify a suitable LED lamp replacement for an existing lamp is to look for the amount of light the lamp produces (measured in lumen s or lm). Package information that says that the light output was actually tested for this performance is a good sign of a quality product.

We used to purchase incandescent bulbs by the amount of power (or watts) they used. LED bulbs produce the same amount of light using far less power, meaning it no longer makes sense to shop for watts. Using ‘lumen s’ is now the way to choose the light you need.

The table below shows the number of lumen s (and watts) you should look for in an LED as a replacement for a range of halogen light bulbs. Lumen values are approximate and do vary between manufacturers.

Electrical Power Consumption
in Watts
Minimum Light Output
in Lumens
Incandescent CFL LED  
25 4 - 9 3 - 4 250
40 9 - 13 4 - 5 450
60 13 - 15 6 - 8 800
75 18 - 25 9 - 13 1,100
100 23 - 30 16 - 20 1,600
125 28 - 40 21 - 23 2,000
150 30 - 52 25 - 28 2,600