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Electrical panel board changing, service panel upgrade

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Electrical panel board changing, service panel upgrade


If you live in a part of the world that experiences frequent power outages, then you know how frustrating it can be. But if you're prepared for an outage and have some basic knowledge about how to handle one, it won't feel so bad. In this blog post we'll cover everything from surge protectors and batteries to emergency kits and candles!

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Use a surge protector.

A surge protector is a device that protects your home or office from power surges.

A power surge is caused by an abrupt change in the voltage level, which causes your devices to overheat and/or potentially damage them.

If you use a surge protector, it will absorb any excess electricity that comes through during these times of unexpected high demand or low supply. The most common way of using a surge protector is with an extension cord plugged into an electrical outlet that's plugged into the wall; this way you can plug in as many appliances as possible without worrying about accidentally damaging them by plugging them directly into the wall socket (which would result in overheating).

Have extra batteries for your flashlight and radio.

  • Have extra batteries for your flashlight and radio.
  • Keep these batteries in a dry place, like an old sock. Don't use rechargeable batteries in them because they will run out of power faster than regular batteries. Also, don't leave the flashlight or radio with its battery inside for too long as it will lose its charge over time and make it useless!
  • How to store batteries: You should store all your electronic devices (cellphone charger/radio) with their respective chargers plugged in so that no matter what happens during an outage you can still use them afterward!

Keep mobile devices charged up.

  • Keep your phone charged.
  • Use a power bank or another mobile device that can be used to charge your phone in case of an outage.
  • Turn on airplane mode and avoid using Wi-Fi during the outage, unless absolutely necessary (such as for work). If possible, leave your cell phone at home when traveling so that it doesn't use up any battery power trying to connect with reception networks. This will also allow you to conserve energy by not needing accesses those connections when traveling through areas where there isn't any signal strength available yet—which could mean waiting hours until things get back up again!

Have an emergency kit in your car.

Have an emergency kit in your car.

In case of an outage, it's important to have a few basic supplies in your car at all times. Make sure that you include a flashlight, extra batteries and blankets. You should also include a first aid kit with bandages and other items that can help you treat injuries quickly on the road. If you're planning on driving long distances—whether it's for work or pleasure—make sure to check the contents of this kit before heading out on any lengthy trips!

Be prepared to burn candles safely

One of the first things you can do to be prepared for an outage is to make sure your candles are safe. Your home may be filled with them, and if you've got kids or pets around, it's important that they know not to get too close while they're burning.

You should also never leave a candle unattended—if there's no power in your house, then there's no way for it to safely burn if someone isn't watching over it! Make sure that each candle is in its own holder so that nothing will melt down onto other things (like furniture). Finally, use a snuffer when putting out the flame on any kind of flammable material; this will prevent any unwanted fires from starting up while we wait for things like power restoration services companies arrive at our doors."


The takeaway is that you should be prepared for an outage. This can include having a flashlight, radio and extra batteries ready to go in case of an emergency. It also means having an emergency kit in your car so you can take care of yourself during a power outage. If you think you are in the need of electrical service providers, then you can call us at (416) 450-4030 and we will be glad to help!


In case of an outage, you may need to use candles. The best way to do this safely is by following these instructions and being sure that they are foolproof. If you don’t have time or access to electricity, then make sure your home is at least as well prepared as possible before an outage hits!

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