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Electrical panel upgrade ,100 A to 200 A upgrade, overhead and underground service

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Electrical panel upgrade ,100 A to 200 A upgrade, overhead and underground service

why you should upgrade your Electrical panel to 200A or fuse to breaker panel

cost of changing electrical panel to 200 A

What is an Electrical fuse panel or breaker panel?

The electrical panel is the main component of an electrical distribution system that divides electrical power to the branch circuits while providing protection devices for each circuit in a common enclosure. The electrical panel provides electricity to your home and business's equipment. Power from the electrical utility company flows into your  residential and commercial properties through this panel, branching out into major electrical branches and then smaller branches in order to distribute power and pulls electricity in and distributes it to all your various switches and outlets.  A properly functioning electrical panel is essential to the safety and productivity of your home and your  business.

Breaker arrangement

electrical panel upgrade to 200A

fuse panel to breaker panel upgrading

Illustration of breaker numbering in a North American type panel board.  The numbers on  the toggles indicate the rated amperage . The top right breaker (Rated at 100 A) feeds a sub panel.


Breakers are usually arranged in two columns. In North America -style board, breaker positions are numbered left-to-right, along each row from top to bottom. This numbering system is universal with numerous competitive manufacturers of breaker panels.

The capacity of your panel comes down to how much power it can safely distribute to your home. The standard capacity nowadays are 200 and 400 amps, while most of older homes still have 60- 100 and 150-amp panels including fuse box panel or breaker panel. while 100 amps was plenty of power when many electrical panels were installed, these panels have become increasingly strained as modern homes have many more devices running all at once.

An older style fuse box of the variety used in Canada

New style of electrical panel

 electrical panel upgrade200 A panel upgrade

KIYAN ELECTRIC often recommend that homeowners with smaller service panels or fuse box  consider installing a 200 A panel breaker or changing fuse panel 60 or 80 A to 200A  

3 phase commercial electrical panel upgrading

What is the cost to upgrade from 100 amp to 200 amp service?

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