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EV charging Solutions

At Kiyan Electric we are providing our customers with the knowledge and expertise to meet and even exceed their requirements for Electric Vehicle Charging. Whether it’s a basic charger for your home, or a network of DCFC, we have the resources to supply and install wide array of solutions.


With  Charge lab's network management services, you can:Connect any OCPP- compliant charging station

Monitor station status & usage  stats 24/7

Restrict station access through mobile app,  RFID card, and/or credit card  payment Bill  

Drivers pay-per-use fees for charging

Receive automatic notifications for maintenance

Dynamically control energy usage  across an unlimited number of chargers (load balancing)

Most  of these  features can  be accessed through your  dedicated Property Manager Dashboard. Charge lab's Dashboard can  be accessed from  any modern web  browser and device.

Flexible AP is  will  also  allow  Charge lab's network management services to plug  into  existing building intelligence systems, providing a truly  custom solution for your  electric vehicle charging needs.


Charge lab offers a range  of ways  users  to interact with  your  charging stations, whether the EV drivers you  serve  are employees, multi-residence tenants, or the general public. Using  the Charge lab app  for iOS or Android, drivers can  find  charging stations, pay for transactions, and view  their  usage history. If your  stations are private, they  will  only  be accessible to authorized users.  If your  stations are public,we will  list  them  on aggregation sites like Charge Hub and Plug Share to make sure  they  are discovered. Charge lab also  offers RFID cards for accessing both  public and private charging stations.